HealthPod Baby
(HealthPod) Baby
Actual Size: 10.5" high x 7.5" wide

Inside HealthPod Baby

Eseential Information
Health Visits
Health Visits
Growing Up
Growing Up
Health History
Health History
Family Health
Family Health

HealthPod Baby™ is an easy-to-use organizer to help you track your child’s important health information with plenty of storage to keep it all together.

You only need to track the important stuff. Moms are busy, so we asked 20 healthcare practitioners what they might need to know about a child’s health, now and into the future, so that we could create a tool to help moms stay organized with only the most important information.

Your baby’s health information is important. Doctors will refer to your child’s early health information and family health history throughout your child’s life.

You can never have enough storage. This is a great tool for storing health insurance cards, immunization records, growth charts, prescriptions, birth certificates – and lots more. Even the pockets have zippers so nothing gets lost! When you keep everything together, it’s easy to find.

It’s pretty hard to remember things when you have baby brain (and well, for a number of years after that!). HealthPod Baby™ provides a place to write down your thoughts and questions for future appointments, and helps you record information that you might need later. No need to tap into your memory!

What does HealthPod Baby™ help you track?

Before your baby is born – proper care of your baby’s health begins the moment you know you are pregnant. Track your prenatal health and your baby’s health over the next 40 weeks.

Introducing…document the birth of your baby and measurements like weight, length, head circumference and APGAR scores. It is also important to make note of complications and if neonatal care was needed.

A healthy start – the first few weeks seem like a whirlwind. Record your baby’s feedings, hours of sleep and the number of diapers you’ve changed (we know it’s a lot!) and share the information with your healthcare provider.

They grow so fast – pretty soon your baby will be smiling, walking and talking. Make note of major milestones, food introductions, when your baby’s teeth come in (and fall out), potential or known allergies and chart your child’s growth.
Every child is unique – create a snapshot of your baby’s health – illnesses, immunizations, specialized assessments and surgeries. These at-a-glance charts will help your healthcare practitioner with any future diagnoses that need to be made.

An ounce of planning… – write down your questions and take them to your appointments. Jot down the doctor’s instructions, document prescriptions and make a plan for your next appointment.

The HealthPod Baby™ binder system allows for customization, expandability and storage. Add more of the pages you use most, or simply buy the binder and add only the sections you need.

Have twins? The HealthPod Baby™ for Twins includes the same six guided sections, but doubles up on the three sections that will be unique for each baby – Essential Information, Growing Up and Health History. All in the same binder.

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