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Baby Blues – How to Care for Your Child's Eyes
By Nancy Scott & Dr. Brayton Kidd
You have surely noticed how your baby’s vision skills have improved since the day you brought him home from the hospital. Beginning to reach for toys, following moving objects and your voice from across the room are not just random baby actions, but rather small steps towards developing good eye-hand coordination and depth perception. Read More

Preparing for your Child's First Dental Visit
By Jana Sinclair and Dr. Laurie-Anne Slater
Being a new parent provides the opportunity to cherish numerous "firsts" in your child’s life – first smile, first step, and the first visit to the doctor. While many events are exciting, some leave parents anxious and unsure. For some parents, a child’s initial visit to the dentist’s office falls into this category. Parents often question when the visit should take place, how to prepare for it and what will happen during the visit. Read More

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