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Taking care of ourselves

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

As the only person in the company who doesn’t have kids, I sometimes refer to myself as “the most educated non-parent”!  Having co-created the HealthPod Baby, I have learned so much about raising and caring for kids that I feel like I will be more than ready when it’s my turn to have kids.

The reason that I got into the business of co-creating and selling the HealthPod Baby was simply because I fundamentally believe that everyone is responsible for their own health.  Just like it is our responsibility to take care of our career and not rely solely on our managers or our companies to take care of us, I see that it is even more important to take care of ourselves and be responsible for our own health.  As good as our health system is, it can’t possibly take care of us in a way that we can take care of ourselves.

I was reminded of this today when I went to get a breast ultrasound for some cysts that my doctor recently found.  Because I am HealthPod believer, I use a HealthPod Baby to manage my health.  Although designed with children in mind, it helps me track my health (I have taken out the sections that don’t apply like milestones and food introductions etc) and keep what is most important: emergency information, health contacts, doctor visits, health, dental, specialist summaries, allergies and family history - as you can see a lot applies right through your life!

Going through this experience reminded me about how difficult it is for our medical system to share and gain quick access to our records.   When I arrived at the radiology clinic, they asked me if I had ever had an ultrasound or mammogram before. Luckily I had recorded in my HealthPod that on November 26, 2007, I had an ultrasound and mammogram with the following results.  The technician said, “really, we only show that your last breast ultrasound was in 2002, were did you have it done?”  I had written down that it was at the Women’s Imaging Center.  This information is important as with many medical tests, doctors rely on changes to make better assessments.  This way they could see how it had progressed between 2002, 2007 and today.  She said that they will call the Women’s Imaging Center and get the results sent over for them to compare.

It was an important reminder of how valuable this information is when you really need it and how I can make sure that I am the expert on and owner of my health.

Marci, Co-Founder


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