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Connecting with Friends

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Still going strong after 5 years!

Since the birth of my second baby 7 months ago, I’ve been somewhat negligent when it comes to taking care of myself.  As most new moms experience, sleep deprivation continues to play a role in my life, and my menu typically consists of meals that are easiest to make - not necessarily the healthiest meals.  So, I decided to treat my body to a little TLC last weekend.  I checked into the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel with some friends, spent a day being pampered at the spa and had a fabulous meal in town, complete with dessert!  But the most indulgent part of the weekend was the company.  I didn’t go away with just any friends, but with girls I met more than 5 years ago in a prenatal class for our first babies.

At the time I had hoped to meet a friend that I could hang out in the park with while our kids slept in their car seats.  But I was lucky enough to get more than I had hoped for.  Five years later, I have 4 great friends that I still go out for dinner with every month (dragging our husbands along once or twice a year), still have yearly birthday parties for our kids, have ventured on camping trips together, and as of last weekend, are now attending annual spa weekends!

Although in the early days we thought it was important to get together so our kids could learn to socialize, our get-togethers now are all about us.    We have spent countless hours sharing advice on eating, sleeping, pooping and sickness, as well as the hilarious moments and the frustrating, self-doubting, tearful moments we’ve all experienced as moms.  At the end of each of our get-togethers, we walk away feeling normal, relieved, and so thankful to have friends who know exactly what we are each going through.  And all this happens without judging each other.

Being able to share all these moments of parenthood with friends and other moms helps put perspective into our lives when we are doubting ourselves, helps us feel good about how we are managing the most important job we have, and lets us laugh at the crazy mommy moments we all experience.  

I am hoping that by starting this blog this becomes a place where moms can connect, share their stories and experiences, and feel great about what they do at the end of each day.  Every mom deserves at least that - and a spa day if you can fit it in!   Please visit regularly as I’ll be writing about a variety of topics, from a health perspective and a mom perspective.  I would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions - and I look forward to connecting with you all!

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Have a great day everyone!



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