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DIY Original Art to Decorate Your Child’s Room

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

As your child grows out of their baby nursery, its time to create a bedroom - or corner of a shared bedroom - that reflects their personality. A fun idea is to invite your child’s family and friends to create a wall full of small, colorful canvases that add color, creativity and memories to your child’s room.

If you’re a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yes, I confess!) you may remember when Yolanda Foster invited friends and family to a painting party, where everyone painted a small, colorful canvas as a going away gift for her oldest daughter heading off to college. Then, the finished canvases were displayed in the dorm room.


A painting party is the perfect birthday party activity to create DIY, colorful, original art for your child’s room!


DIY Canvas Wall Art

To make your own canvas wall art, you’ll need the following supplies. Make the art as large as you want: 9 pieces make a smaller gallery, 64 canvases can fill a whole wall! Depending on the ages of the artists, you can include sayings,


  • 16 blank square canvases - I like 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ (try Michaels, JoAnn, or other craft stores)
  • disposable foam paint brushes - at least 1 for every artist, you may want to buy each artist several (for painting background and large objects and designs)
  • children’s fine paintbrushes (for numbers, letters or fine art work)
  • washable craft paints in your child’s favorite colors
  • aprons, bibs, or coverups to protect clothes
  • newspaper or paper tablecloth to protect work table
  • wipes, water and paper towels to clean up spills and messing fingers


  • pass one canvas square to each child
  • provide each child with their own spot to paint
  • either give each child their own paints and brushes, or group the paints and brushes so each child can easily reach them
  • invite each child to decorate their canvas with the birthday child’s room theme, such as
    • favorite flowers or animals
    • the birthday child’s special colors
    • words or pictures of something special to the birthday child
    • letters that will spell out a special message or the child’s name
  • allow time and space for each canvas to dry

More DIY canvas wall art party ideas:

  1. after the art is hung, take a photo and send it as a thank you to each artist for making your child’s birthday special
  2. allow extra time for each child to paint a 2nd canvas to take home
  3. for very young children, invite aunts, uncles, grandparents and special people in your child’s life to paint the canvases

A personalized canvas wall art gallery is a colorful and special decoration for your child’s room. But canvas wall art can decorate any room in your home, and the whole family can pitch in to create original art that makes your house a home!

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Planning Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

planning your baby's 1st birthday partyYour baby’s 1st birthday is a special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you’ll want to celebrate with family and friends. But let’s face it: this party is your celebration, not your baby’s! Why?

  • your child is too young to remember their 1st birthday
  • baby doesn’t have their own friends yet
  • you chose the theme, the menu and the guestlist

However you choose to celebrate your child’s 1st birthday, there’s little chance it won’t be well-documented with photos that are shared with loving grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and family friends. And typically, shared on social media: we’ve all enjoyed photos of cake-smeared toddlers sitting in a high chair and wearing a birthday hat, and we have to see who the parents are because we’ve never met that happy face!

Planning your baby’s 1st birthday party with colorful, memorable and fun food and decorations that family and friends of all ages will enjoy - including the guest of honor! - without going crazy overboard and overspending can be challenging! We have ideas, decorations and recipes that will make your baby’s birthday party memorable: and photo-worthy!

How to Make Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Fun, Colorful and Memorable

1.  It’s all about the cake

Cake-smeared faces are always sweet, but many moms today choose a cake that is gluten-free and more fun than traditional birthday cakes.

Rice Krispie cakes are a fun, easy to make and decorate cake that kids of all ages love!

Rice Krispie watermelon cake

Ice cream cone cakes are easy to make and serve and can be decorated to match your party theme

ice cream cone cakes

Birthday pancakes look like a traditional cake: until you cut the 1st slice!

birthday pancakes

2. Every birthday party needs decorations

Colorful, fun decorations for your baby’s birthday party don’t have to be expensive: with a little time and effort, DIY birthday decorations will impress all your guests!

A colorful DIY mobile marks the spot where baby oversees the fun

DIY birthday mobile

Everyone will know who the day’s star is with this high chair birthday mobile

high chair banner

Photos and balloon streamers share your baby’s first 12 months

birthday party photo streamers

3. A birthday party menu even the babies can enjoy!

A cake and hot dogs may please older kids, but a 1 year old needs a different party food menu.

Cheerio party favors

Cheerio party favors

A fruit rainbow is a healthy and colorful treat

fruit rainbow

Choo-choo train cheese plate

choo-choo train cheese plate

4. Activities the babies will love

Crawlder and toddlers want to get in on the fun too!

DIY balloon pit

DIY balloon pit

Bubble bar

bubble bar

Caterpillar crawl

caterpillar crawl

5. Photos you’ll love to share

Photos with your baby’s name and date will help you remember this special day even after your family has many many special days!

Invitations with baby’s photo, name and birthdate are memorable

12 months of photos

Family photos on the big day

family photo

Sibling photo


Annual tradition

annual tradition

More ideas on celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday at HealthPod Baby on Pinterest!


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Keeping Kids Entertained at Restaurants

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

We eat out - a lot - and this is the 1st time I’ve ever seen this BRILLIANT idea for keeping kids entertained at restaurants:

We were eating at Brio, an upscale causal Italian restaurant: 6 adults and 7 and 8 year old girls. As soon as we were seated the waiter brought crayons and coloring pages for the girls. Fun, but nothing new. Then when he delivered the bread baskets to the table he also delivered 2 plates of raw pizza dough, one for each girl, with the instructions:

this pizza dough is for play-dough, not for eating


Genius! The girls were not only happy playing quietly throughout their entire meal, but as the adults are friends who hadn’t seen each other in nearly 9 months, the pizza dough kept the girls happy and entertained while we talked for an additional hour after we finished our meal!

note: The pizza dough recipe had been modified so it didn’t stick to their hands or leave a flour mess behind.

Some of their creations included:

  • snowmen
  • mini-pizza
  • beards and moustaches


Why doesn’t every pizza restaurant in the country serve up a slice of raw pizza dough to keep the kids happy while they’re waiting, and while the adults chat! Thanks Brio: you have some new grateful and life-long customers!

Wishing You a Happy Healthy New Year 2014

healthpod baby

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5 Tips to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Family

Monday, December 30th, 2013

1.    Throw a New Year’s Eve party at home: You’ll forget about champagne and canapés when milkshakes served in champagne glasses topped with confetti cookies are on the menu! Pinterest is filled with kid-friendly recipes, activities and crafts. Don’t forget the dance party: the whole family will love dancing to Prince’s Party Like its 1999!


2. Shhhh: Don’t tell the little ones about staying up until midnight: With young kids, everyone will be miserable from New Year’s Eve through New Year’s morning if the kids try and stay up until midnight. Simply don’t talk about it! Celebrate with an early New Year’s Eve party at home or at a friend’s, or with an evening at the movies and a restaurant.  Then, put the kids to bed and break out the champagne! But pop that champagne cork quietly.

3.    Buy or make streamers, horns, and noise makers: Older kids will love counting down the hours to midnight with an hourly blow-out. Once it’s officially 2014, Metro New York suggests letting them bash a piñata filled with candy and confetti.

4.    Watch live celebrations from Australia to Zaire:
Several channels live stream New Year’s Eve fireworks and ceremonies around the world, including  NewYearsEveLive. The whole family will enjoy hours of fireworks and festivities.

5.    Start a family New Year’s Eve resolution Year in Review tradition: Finish the year by reviewing and discussing this year’s New Year’s resolutions: did you achieve them, how and why not? Then, New Year’s morning each family member can develop their New Year’s Resolution. Save the resolutions in a special binder for each child, and present the binder to them when they’re an adult.


Wishing You a Happy Healthy New Year 2014

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Connecting with Friends

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Still going strong after 5 years!

Since the birth of my second baby 7 months ago, I’ve been somewhat negligent when it comes to taking care of myself.  As most new moms experience, sleep deprivation continues to play a role in my life, and my menu typically consists of meals that are easiest to make - not necessarily the healthiest meals.  So, I decided to treat my body to a little TLC last weekend.  I checked into the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel with some friends, spent a day being pampered at the spa and had a fabulous meal in town, complete with dessert!  But the most indulgent part of the weekend was the company.  I didn’t go away with just any friends, but with girls I met more than 5 years ago in a prenatal class for our first babies.

At the time I had hoped to meet a friend that I could hang out in the park with while our kids slept in their car seats.  But I was lucky enough to get more than I had hoped for.  Five years later, I have 4 great friends that I still go out for dinner with every month (dragging our husbands along once or twice a year), still have yearly birthday parties for our kids, have ventured on camping trips together, and as of last weekend, are now attending annual spa weekends!

Although in the early days we thought it was important to get together so our kids could learn to socialize, our get-togethers now are all about us.    We have spent countless hours sharing advice on eating, sleeping, pooping and sickness, as well as the hilarious moments and the frustrating, self-doubting, tearful moments we’ve all experienced as moms.  At the end of each of our get-togethers, we walk away feeling normal, relieved, and so thankful to have friends who know exactly what we are each going through.  And all this happens without judging each other.

Being able to share all these moments of parenthood with friends and other moms helps put perspective into our lives when we are doubting ourselves, helps us feel good about how we are managing the most important job we have, and lets us laugh at the crazy mommy moments we all experience.  

I am hoping that by starting this blog this becomes a place where moms can connect, share their stories and experiences, and feel great about what they do at the end of each day.  Every mom deserves at least that - and a spa day if you can fit it in!   Please visit regularly as I’ll be writing about a variety of topics, from a health perspective and a mom perspective.  I would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions - and I look forward to connecting with you all!

For the month of February, HealthPod Baby is taking a poll on what the top 3 gifts are that moms would love to receive.  If you haven’t submitted your votes, please take a second and let us know what your favourite gifts would be to make your life a little easier.  (Can you guess one of my votes was a spa day?)  Visit: http://www.healthpod.ca/love/

Have a great day everyone!



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