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B.l.i.s. Staff - Nancy, Marci, Jena
b.l.i.s. Founders:
Jana Sinclair, Marci Andrews, and Nancy Scott

Nancy’s Story

About four years ago my life took on a whole new meaning–I became a mom. My world turned upside down and now I, who could barely look after myself, was responsible for every aspect of my tiny child's life, including his health and well–being. Similar to many other parents, my idea of taking an active role in my child's health meant making sure he got the proper diet, enough sleep, and attended all recommended doctors appointments.

Similar to thousands of other infants, my son had many ear infections. After (or during) nights of sleeplessness, high temperatures and pain, I would take him to our family doctor, walk–in clinic, or children's hospital depending on where we were at the time (e.g. at home, on vacation, weekend, middle of the night). This meant that we saw a number of different health care providers who did not have access to our son’s health history.

Unfortunately a number of the more common antibiotics did not work. Because the health care providers did not have my son's health records, my son would be prescribed an antibiotic that would be taken for several days yet would not work. We would then go back to the health care provider and get an alternative antibiotic and start the process over again. This resulted in my son suffering much too long, his body being exposed to unnecessary antibiotics, needless prescriptions being written, unnecessary costs, and a significant amount of time wasted. I quickly realized that this was something I could prevent and the original HealthPod was created.

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