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(HealthPod) BabyHealthPod Baby™ is the original and only customizable organizer for your child’s most important health information. Created with the expertise of 20 healthcare practitioners and hundreds of parents, this stylish health journal assists with tracking, managing and monitoring a child’s personal and health information, providing a single place to store everything so nothing is lost or forgotten.

HealthPod Baby™ is fully customizable:

iParentDesigned to last a lifetime, HealthPod Baby ™ has plenty of storage space, zips up so you don’t lose anything and can be cleaned with soap and water when it gets messy in the bottom of your diaper bag!

HealthPod Baby™ has been named one of the Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials by Disney, has won two International Awards, iParent Media Award Winner - Hotand is loved by moms worldwide.

I use my HealthPod for my 2 kids now (#3 on the way). I love that it keeps me organized...any pertinent health information is stored in the Pod so I always know where it is. One less thing to worry about with kids.... Thank you!
Toronto, ON

The HealthPod makes up part of my sister's go-to baby shower gift for all of her friends. My husband and I are now expecting twins and she has given us a couple of our own HealthPods to start tracking. I think they are a fantastic tool, and plan on sending one to my sister-in-law in the UK!
London, ON

What a great idea! It's a neat way to keep all the important information at hand, and all in one place. It also eliminates those bits of information written on scrap pieces of paper which undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle of life.
Calgary, AB

I think that this is a handy idea as I’ve lost too many brain cells and can never remember what I’ve done with things!
Surrey, BC

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